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Freedom Toyota Parts Department

Genuine Toyota Parts from Freedom Toyota

Toyota has an industry-leading reputation for quality and reliability, and the best way to keep your Toyota vehicle running reliably is to use genuine Toyota Replacement parts. All Parts are not Created Equal. Sometimes the difference between a genuine Toyota part and a substitute may not be immediately apparent, but a substitute may not be as durable, or in some cases may pose safety concerns. Brake and steering components, fuel system and electrical parts are critical to the safe operation of your vehicle and this is an area where no compromise is acceptable.

Toyota Parts Department

Shopping for New Auto Parts?

Toyota Engineers design each part for a specific purpose and for a specific vehicle. Some manufacturers, although they may make a good product, may design components that fit a wider range of vehicles. One example is suspension strut and shock absorbers. These components are specifically tuned to the weight and performance goals of your vehicle. Substitute parts may not provide the smooth ride you are accustomed to when your car or truck was new.

Another area where substitutes are often used is Body Repair parts. While they may look the same, the materials may not be up to Original Equipment Standards. The gauge of sheet metal pieces may be different, or the rust proofing and primer coatings may not be up to factory quality. Whenever you have your Toyota serviced, be sure to ask if genuine Factory parts will be used.

Aftermarket Parts

Some components may be slightly lower priced than a genuine Toyota part, but if they do not perform properly or last as long, then there is no real saving. Most of the day to day parts are the same price as those available from a Discount store. Items like filters, wiper blades, bulbs, and other accessories usually cost the same or sometimes even less than a discount brand, and there is no way to put a price on the inconvenience of having to return a part that does not fit.

Part Warranties

Warranty coverage is critical not only for the part being replaced but related components. The engine Timing Belt is a critical component, and if that belt fails, the result can be serious engine damage. When an authorized Dealer installs a genuine part, you are 100 percent covered.

Wait Times, Delivery, and More

Toyota dealers stock thousands of parts for immediate delivery. When you schedule a service appointment beforehand, your dealer will be sure to have the correct parts for the service call. The Dealer Network connects thousands of dealers across the nation so even if there is a hard to locate a part for an older model, the Dealer Network can locate the part in minutes and have it shipped within a day.

Freedom Toyota Parts

Many independent repair shops depend on their local Toyota Dealer for the parts they need. The reason is simple. They know they will get the necessary part and that it will meet their expectations that they will be able to back the repair with a full warranty.

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